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personal exhibition of Pietro Broggini

A changing city. Milan
A conference-event for the personal exhibition of “Skylines over me”, the photography of Pietro Broggini.
Within the cultural calendar of Men’s Fashion Week in Milan, sponsored by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.
At 18:30 conference with:
Prof. Carlo Berizzi (University of Pavia) “A changing city. Milan” : reflections on the changed of Milan, also with perspectives on the world of fashion.
Dr. Alessandro Trabucco, critic and contemporary art journalist:”Urban photography: a critical interpretation through the analysis of selected authors” “The city and light in the work of Pietro Broggini”
Dr. Cristina Gilda Artese, arsprima president: “arsprima and the planning of light”.
At 19:30 cocktails, by invitation.

In Pietro Broggini’s, aka Raffaele Lino, Milanese exhibition is on show from 22 December 2013 to 24 January 2014 at the Atahotel Executive on Viale Don Luigi Sturzo (Porta Garibaldi-Porta Nuova) the photography of the artist is dedicated to the city and the mutations in its shape brought about by the effects of light.
Broggini, of Milanese origin, has lived in Germany for years, in Frankfurt am Main, where he practised his own profession as a consultant in the finance sector; it was precisely in Frankfurt, a city culturally twinned with Milan, that these photographs were taken, between 2008 and 2012.
The profile of skylines, industrial estates and logistic centre of the city, through the eyes of the artists become places of futuristic surroundings, where man appears as a superimposed shadow.
Light reflecting from a building onto a river becomes surprisingly similar to a profile of a face.
Representation of the soul, the shadow is right there, at the feet of the imposing skyscrapers and pulses together with artificial lights which seem to become indications of a superior being.
A suggestive game of light and colour which mutes reality and leads the spectator on a dreamlike journey towards a changing city, which is reason to reflect on a city like Milan of a city which in the last few years has been part of an important project of urban mutation, especially considering the fast approaching EXPO 2015.

Pietro Broggini (Raffaele Lino)
Born in 1971 in Milan. In 1985, at the age of 14, Pietro moved to Como. He attended the Classical Lyceum where he studied philosophy and art history for the first time. From the inherent need to be able to capture moments and sensations and interpret them, in 1985 his interest in photography was born. In those years Pietro loved experimenting with Polaroid and all the techniques accessible to him. Rarely could he get enough of a result to transmit his message through a photograph. It was much later, in 2003, that Pietro bought his first reflex digital camera and started to experiment with light and colour and discover the world of digital photography. In the meantime his interest in architecture brought him to live in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt um Main. The city was still in a strong period of change, something clearly visible in his photographs. This period Pietro described as an “emotional upheaval”, but a necessary life experience. A reflection on fundamental values: what is fundamental, lost, real. Through Cristina Gilda Artese and the arsprima association he began to officially exhibit his photography both in Italy and in Germany and lastly in Prague. Pietro passed away prematurely in June 2013, but his photographic work continues to move and be the source of great interest for photography enthusiasts.

The exhibition has been sponsored by the Council of Milan, the Province of Milan, the Region of Lombardy, the City of Frankfurt, the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the AEM Group A2A Foundation, the Vittorino Colombo Foundation; it has received support from Hines Italia and Atahotels.

The catalogue of the exhibition, with text by Alessandro Trabucco and Cristina Gilda Artese, arsprima publication, is dedicated to Laura Lino, the artist’s daughter.

An arsprima cultural association production.
Thanks to the artist’s wife Diana Lino for granting access to his work.


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