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MIA FAIr 2014


arsprima presents OR NOT 8

Arsprima is participating in Mia, the international photography fair, which takes place in Milan at the Superstudio Piì¹ from 22 to 25 May 2014, with a stand dedicated entirely to Silvia Serenari.
As a sneak preview, free copies of number 8 of the monographic magazine of contemporary anomalies dedicated to Silvia Serenari.

Silvia Serenari’s new project presented at the Mia fair 2014 is entitled Anima Maris, Mater Universi and is composed of two parts: Aurora Consurgens and Iter ad Lucem.
The first series refers to an alchemical text by Thomas Aquinus, meaning rising dawn. The artist takes this as a starting point in creating her own alchemical vision and, taking the methodology that characterises her work, adds a new shape to the circles and squares: the eight-pointed star. These images take on a sort of emblematic nature, in the sense of a depiction with a particular visual force making it unique, a derivation of a single snapshot taken by the artist on the beach, the golden sand becoming the representation of a symbol, that of pure abstraction. The second part, Iter ad Lucem is dedicated to the idea of the initiatory journey; it is about a journey towards the light seen through glowing squares, elaborations taken from snapshots of the surface of the sea.
Here water is portrayed as the supreme symbol of passage, a door through which to reach a higher state of consciousness and inner purity. The project is composed of a video and photographic images. The images are all printed using a photoceramic technique, giving to each of them a very special brilliance and intensity, with a depth of black accentuated by the sheen of the material’s surface.

Silvia Serenari (Piombino 1974) is an artist who lives and works between Livorno and Rome. For years she has followed a path steeped in philosophy, religion and alchemical symbols, seeking to get closer to a visionary world of her artistic journey, creating work dense in spirituality and sacred references. Her preferred form of communication is video and digital photography, and since 2005 photoceramics has become one of her preferred techniques.

via Tortona 27-Milano

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