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OR NOT 10 – Silvia Trappa

In the issue number 10 of Or not we talk about sculpture but also about portraiture and the differences between realistic and psychological portrait through the work of Italian sculptress Silvia Trappa.
Over the last few years Silvia Trappa, our protagonist, has been dividing her time between Japan and Italy and Japan has undoubtedly left its mark on her work: it can be perceived in the lightness of her sculptures but also in the clean lines of her graphics and collages, where colours were replaced by Japanese newspapers and the stickers popular among Japanese students.
Sculptress, but also graphic designer and illustrator, Trappa often starts from a sketch, an impression sketched on the paper of the characters she wants to narrate, and then she gives shape to these characters by creating willowy silhouettes in resin or paper.
The curator of this issue is Italian/German art critic Sarah Corona, like Trappa a cosmopolite and globetrotter, who divides her time between Italy and New York dealing with contemporary art in all its expressive forms.
But guess what else is in this issue! We talk about sanctity and femininity and about the role, or better said the many roles of women in the modern world, and we do that by presenting Trappa’s new series of sculptures entitled Nuove Sante (The New Female Saints), exclusively for you.
Contributors of this issue are Simone Couto, Marco Guagni and Gianluca Mercadante.

P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist. In this issue of 80 pages the graphics were of as usual of jointly curated by the artist and by Chiara Guaita from room225, who has been working with arsprima for some years. This issue number 10 is characterised by a magic touch of red, a common thread running through all the pages.


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