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Or Not 11 – Pietro Mancini

This issue number 11 of OR NOT, or rather 1+1, is a special one.
Indeed, it deals not only with artist Pietro Mancini but also with OFFICINA TOM, an artist collective of which Mancini has been the artistic director for some years and which is formed by some users of the day-care centers of the Italian Departments of Mental Health based in Pomezia, Anzio, Laurentina and Velletri (in the Province of Rome), in cooperation with the Italian Social cooperative called Primo Sole.
Mancini is an artist of rare sensitivity and for many years he has been focusing on the child within us. His works are deep but with a rare and disarming lightness. That unbearable lightness of being… Starting from photography Mancini reprocesses the frames overlapping geometric lines, forms, signs, symbols, logos and aluminium elements (or ‘allumini’, as the artist likes to call them) in a harmonious interplay forming a well-balanced whole.  As a result his final works convey us evocative images of metaphysical atmosphere.
This talented artist is amazingly generous too: he committed himself to teaching art within the art workshops of the day-care centers. This volunteering activity turned into a real artist collective up until a few years ago when Cristina Gilda Artese urged him to do so.
This issue is dedicated to Mancini but also to Officina Tom; it deals with the subject matters on which the artist has been focusing, but it also tells about the importance of art as a form of therapy and about art as something cutting across boundaries.
The curator for this issue is Laura Luppi, who wanted to give a voice not only to the users of Officina Tom in a straightforward, galloping interview, but also to the psychologists, nurses and supervisors.
You can also find an interview by Gianluca Mercadante entitled “walking under water”: guess why?


P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist. In this issue of 80 pages the graphics were of as usual of jointly curated by the artist and by Chiara Guaita from room225, who has been working with arsprima for some years. Mancini chose to print an eye-catching , elegant symbol on all pages, which synthesizes the artwork on the book cover. You’ll see a dragonfly fluttering around the pages..

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