• Village of healthy insanity
  • Village of healthy insanity
  • Village of healthy insanity
  • Village of healthy insanity
  • Village of healthy insanity
  • Village of healthy insanity

About the Project


a personal exhibition by Enrico Pantani curated by Giovanni Cervi
from 22 march to 10 may 2014

Spazio Meme together with arsprima, is proud to present the personal exhibition of Enrico Pantani “VILLAGE of healthy insanity” curated by Giovanni Cervi.
The opening, along with the artist, will take place on 22 March at 7pm in via G. Bruno 4, Carpi (mo).
For the occasion there will be a reading by singer-songwriter Fabrizio Tavernelli, along with the presentation of Or Not Magazine 7 (Ed arsprima).

The exhibition will be open from 22 March to 10 May 2014.

Uncertain and confusing times like this call for sharp artists. Enrico Pantani answered the call, full as he is with frank cynicism. He observes the present, quickly chews it up, risks choking on it and then spits it onto the ground after making it universal: his art is about everyone and speaks about of human nature. At first glance it is seemingly simple, in reality it is quite the opposite: vivid colours, always carefully chosen, give vitality to a series of characters who, if we stop to look around us, are part of us. The body of work “Village of of healthy insanity” is centred around Enrico’s latest production, some of which can be seen in the latest edition of monographic magazine Or Not dedicated to him.
The exhibition has come about thanks to the work of the cultural association arsprima and the Spazio Meme.
Insanity and neurosis are key words in understanding this production; summed up by Wikipedia: insane is the person who cannot adapt to the context he lives in (it should be noted that insanity is strongly connected to customs and cultural norms, the insane person today may not by considered as such tomorrow or yesterday). Neurosis is suffering, the unnatural repression of desires and instincts which lead to behavioural disturbances.
Subconsciously at first, then with some awareness, both I and Enrico associated neurosis to urban surroundings and insanity to small villages.
I don’t know whether this is accurate or not, maybe because in the villages everything seems healthier: a madman in a town is part of the community, a madman in the city is a marginalized danger.
Accurate or not, it was from here that “Village of of healthy insanity”, an array of human beings somewhat out of focus, out of context, out of their minds…
Basically, as I have already had reason to write: Enrico Pantani is a madman who paints neurotics.
Giovanni Cervi

arsprima would like to thank Spazio Meme for the hospitality and the collaboration.

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