• Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12
  • Presentation of OR NOT 12

About the Project


Libreria Bocca (Bocca Bookstore)
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 12 – Milan (Italy)
Wednesday 29 June 2016 of 6:30 p.m.


We have chosen the long-standing bookstore Libreria Bocca, located inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, to present the issue No. 12 of OR NOT, our monographic magazine on contemporary anomalies, this time entirely dedicated to Florencia Martinez.
Florencia Martinez was born in Buenos Aires but she has been living in Milan for several years now. Her artistic work is a symbol of the globalization of art and culture that brings us together.
Florencia is like a matryoshka doll, where each doll opens to reveal a new figure nested within. She is an extremely resourceful woman, and also a woman of many passions.
And so is this new issue of Or not: fascinating. It will take you into the artist’s world and it will tell you about memory, femininity, immigration, integration and cultures.
This issue has been curated by Urszula Maria Lewicka with articles by Angela Di Lavore and Gianluca Mercadante.
The Consulate General of Argentina in Milan decided to support OR NOT 12, as a way of prizing this Argentinian artist.
The artist and the publisher are taking part in the presentation event.
Luciano Tanto Clement, the Consul General of Argentina, is attending the event, too.



EDITORIAL by Cristina Gilda Artese
Talking about the memory of the past doesn’t mean being nostalgic romantics but, in my opinion, almost paradoxically, it involves being scientific and clever observers of the present and of the current events by nature.
I had the opportunity to get to know Florencia Martinez and her work ten years ago, when I bought one of her works during an art fair, and since then I have never left her.
I remember that I immediately liked her outwardly crackpot manner and her evident lucidity in examining the context that surrounds her and to which she belongs, be it her home country, Argentina, or her host country, Italy.
The way she investigates is much more similar to a reporter’s. She has a natural aptitude for continuously creating references and links between present and past. As a matter of fact a bit of the past is always in the present and there is no past that hasn’t got the germination of the present within itself. Similarly, we are made of thousand layers of past and current events, like the concentric rings in tree trunk, or like the figures of a matryoshka doll.
Martinez has been dealing with many issues in her artistic research and in her works and projects, ranging from photography to mixed media painting and to the most recent tridimensional works, from sculpture to art installations and performances. Florencia Martinez is, above all, curious about life and human beings, in all their diversity, their potentialities and fragilities, she’s like a little “crazy scientist” investigating the vicissitudes of our life. Not coincidentally, perhaps, the interactive performance amidst occasional audience members passing by is what best showcases her vital energy and her incredible ability to create empathy.
Be passing readers of our Or not issue number 12 and you will never leave her world anymore.

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