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Teatro Litta a Milano
16 dicembre 2014

The latest issue of our monographic publication dedicated to some promising and interesting exponents of the Italian contemporary art has finally come out.

This issue No. 9 of the monographic magazine on contemporary anomalies Or not is entirely dedicated to Italian painter Annalisa Pirovano and it was presented last Tuesday, December 16th, in the Boccascena Cafì¨ at the Litta Theatre in Milan during an exclusive evening event organized by arsprima-publishing.

A charming location with a touch of retro in perfect harmony with Annalisa‘s stylistic hallmark.

For the first time our magazine has been curated by a foreigner, namely Polish-born and Amsterdam-based art critic Urszula Maria Lewicka. She has been supported in this by another foreign art critic, this time from Germany, Lauren Sasha Gora, who has traced the path running through the last international artistic movements in the figurative painting, explaining the reasons why it can be of great interest.

But in this Or not issue No. 9 it is not all about Annalisa and the so-called figurative painting : we also deal with philosophy and cinema, thanks to an article by Silvia Soannini and an interesting analysis by Silvia Bottani respectively. In her article, Bottani explains how significant some film directors, who have left their mark on the international film history, have been to Annalisa Pirovano. Last of all, we could not miss an article by our Gianluca Mercadante, who had an interview with the protagonist of this issue No. 9.

A large audience attended the event and … what more can I say? Well, we drank a toast to the coming year, always with arsprima on the side of Art.

Photo credits: by Kristina E. Bychkova

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