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And here we are, with issue nr. 10 of our monographic publication dedicated to young artists ..

So, these are the pictures of the event that took place at the Rotonda Bistrì² of the cafeteria in the Rotonda della Besana in Milan, where the MUBA (The Children Museum) is located – last Wednesday 10 June and that saw the launch of OR NOT 10.
Cristina Gilda Artese , art director of the magazine, anticipated the contents of this issue dedicated to artist Silvia Trappa, explaining to her audience how the editorial staff develops the work for the monographic magazine. It’s a team work under the guidance of a main curator that takes about six months: for this issue critic Sarah Corona was the head curator coordinating authors Simone Couto, Marco Guagni and Gianluca Mercadante, and together they created an issue that speaks not only about art but also about holiness and religion, sociology and contemporary society.
During the evening event, attended by the artist, some of her works were presented and exhibited in absolute preview: 4 sculptures belonging to the series ‘Le sante’ (The Female Saints), some collages and the sculpture ‘Tuffatrice’ (the Cheating Woman), this latter one standing proudly in the garden of the Rotonda della Besana.
Our photographer Kristina Bychkova was there, too, like a hound, to report on the event.


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