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2 dicembre 2015 ore 19
Via Savona 101 Milano

ORNOT presents its new look and its issue number 11 at the bookshop Gogol & Co in Milano.

The protagonists of this new issue are Pietro Mancini and Officina Tom.

OR NOT has undergone a revamp: it’s evolving. It’s enhancing its editorial image by refining the styling with a brand new graphic design.

Save the date! On December 2, 2015 the quarterly monographic magazine, published by Arsprima, founded by Cristina Gilda Artese and well-known for giving previews of anomalies in the contemporary art and of the most interesting emerging talents, is presenting its new visual concept and design, but above all its new issue number 11: the eleventh publication.

The event is taking place at the Gogol & Company bookshop in Milan (Via Savona 101) on Wednesday 2 December 2015 starting from 7 p.m.

There will be two protagonists, exceptionally involved on this occasion, and only for this issue: Pietro Mancini and Officina Tom (of which Mancini is also Artistic Director): they are independent in their artistic identity but at the same time linked together. Only one publication, that’s true, but two sections, dedicated to the work of each single artist.

OR NOT, monographic art magazine
Or Not is a real artist’s magazine. It’s a quarterly monographic publication dedicated to the contemporary anomalies of an emerging artist, who has distinguished himself/herself through his/her creativity, research, commitment and artistic quality.

The chosen artist is entrusted with the fascinating and stimulating task of curating and editing the magazine in a direct way: he/she conceives the book, develops the graphic design, chooses materials, layout and illustrations.

Inside Or Not artists find their place where they can skilfully mix different arts and disciplines: they combine painting with society understanding, sculpture with literature, photography with music. They experience theatre, cinematography, everyday life. They go through our past, land on our future, break down the barriers of reality and lead us to the world of dreams.

Or Not magazine has now reached the eleventh issue, it goes on carrying out its mission as a multidisciplinary platform for investigating the various cultural and social areas. Exceptionally and only for this issue there will be two protagonists, independent in their artistic identity but at the same time linked together: Pietro Mancini and Officina Tom. The uniqueness behind this duality is expressed graphically in the numbering of the publishing project and so the number 11 is reinterpreted and becomes 1+1.

Only one publication, that’s true, but with two sections dedicated to the work of each single artist and dealing with various topics: adolescence, the geometry in art, the sacred and its interaction whit the profane. And finally the healing power of the creative process of art making within social cooperatives and making it in a professional, experimental and innovative manner,

Pietro Mancini is an Italian artist who works predominantly in Pomezia and Rome. His eclectic works deal with multiple issues that the artist investigates by means of the photographic medium and the new digital technologies, even if he always manages to give a pictorial and sculptural character to the final result of his artwork. His research work goes through the human being, whereas he gives special consideration to the teenage phase conceived not in the strict sense of its transitory nature but rather seen from a timeless perspective, as an integral or latent part of every individual, including adults. The fragility of human beings and their need for creating personal and social identity is emphasized by the reflection on the use of allegoric images by clothing brands. Which is something that the artist does not want to denounce or criticize, he simply acknowledges that there is a general need to rediscover values, to bring back the original meanings of ancient symbols which have now become trademarks for business purposes. Mancini is mainly interested in highlighting this more or less unconscious or manifest desire to reconnect with a sort of primitive sacredness also through the profane. His works made from aluminium and backlights have real emotional impact on viewers and they inspire religious contemplation (in the broad sense) and spur us to explore the language used to deliver a modern message. The geometric element, thread and essential trait of his art, acquires new meanings that are far from those conventional mathematical ones. For the artist geometry represents a different way of telling the innate tensions that agitate the human soul, if possible helping human beings to increase their aptitude for hope, for appreciation for life in its concreteness and immediacy. The support and the material of the artworks (some of which were thought to become an art installation) often surface as an integral part, expressing more clearly the connection between what is “real and tangible” (in a phenomenological sense, t.i. what is perceptible) and what tends to something else, which cannot be explained rationally but can be conveyed and shared instinctively.

Pietro Mancini has recently won the Nocivelli Prize with his work “Deposizione” (Deposition) (2014) and his works have been exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

OFFICINA TOM is a real workshop of visual arts launched by Cristina Gilda Artese and Pietro Mancini within the Italian Social cooperative called Primo Sole Percorsi. The project, developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome (Roma Capitale) of Department of Social Welfare, Health, Shelters and Emergency Housing, is performed by people with mental health problems who make use of the Community Mental Health Centres based in Rome, Pomezia, Anzio and Velletri. Here psychological distress is treated also tanks to various activities performed during therapy and healing process that aim to promote integration or reintegration into the labour market. In order to convey the atmosphere that reigns in these places, in particular during the creation of artistic projects, we handed over the floor to those who live and work there, both as a user of the service (artist) or as a medical assistant or art teacher. Hence the artworks will be accompanied by the accounts gathered in a journey full of surprises and opinions far from prejudice and common belief.

At Officina Tom art, that creative process for which it is always difficult to find a clear and unambiguous definition, has the opportunity to express and manifest itself in its spontaneity and sharing nature, thanks to the contribution carefully and sensitively given by Artistic Director Pietro Mancini. His role is marginal in comparison to what one would expect, mainly linked to the organisational phase and to the summarizing phase of the many ideas brought forward by the participants to this sessions, ideas that turn into artworks, created by each of the participants/artists, through a process where everybody makes use of their talent, inclination, and innate or acquired abilities. The art market seems to be quite interested in this new and valuable reality, and Or Not chooses to dedicate the second section of issue number 11, or better said, issue number 1 + 1, to Officina Tom, following our manifest mission of being an advocate for contemporary anomalies.

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