3. Who is Cristina Gilda Artese and what does she do

The founder and promoter of arsprima is Cristina Gilda Artese.
Already in her surname is a reference to our world.
But Cristina’s role is very special.
It is precisely for this reason that she can innovate.

Indeed Cristina is also at the help of a sucessful accounting firm in Milan.
She graduated from Bocconi University of Milan in Business Internationalisation Strategy.
Also, she has completed a Masters in International Management.

One might thing that these two worlds (accountancy and art) are poles apart, irreconcilable.
This is not so, and Cristina proves it every day. With facts and results.
Rather, Cristina brings a concrete and pragmatic approach to the world of art.
In her work, Cristina is used to respecting and ensuring the respect of timeframes and deadlines, planning initiatives, verifying the process of every activity.
This certainly does not diminish creativity.
Rather, it helps for better expression.