5. How did Cristina acquire the expertise to create and manage arsprima?

For her professional development in the artistic sphere, Cristina has had considerable support.
First, she had the opportunity of connecting with an important art specialist who dedicated three years to her training.
Thanks to him Cristina learned to move within a difficult environment – such as art.
An environment that Cristina had dealt with with enthusiasm but without the mental structure that one needs to avoid mistakes and disappointments.
Once the ‘rules of the game’ were learned, Cristina was able to quietly bring out herself and make impression that she wanted to make.

The second father is professor Franco Rositi (teacher of sociological theory at the University of Pavia).
Rositi created the name arsprima and is currently an adviser to Cristina.
So a sole woman in the lead.
But a woman who knows how to listen, before deciding.