A magazine created to publish news and ideas, to communicate an identity.

association for the promotion of contemporary art, promotes young professional artists, and overall calls them to act as their own protagonists. This dream to give space and voice to the young artists and their promising abilities, to highlight their commitment, creativity and research, has been the driving force behind the association.

From this dream came our monographic magazine. The monographic nature of Or Not is not only manifested in the dedication of each issue to one single artist, but also in the involvement of that same artist in the planning of the issue, allowing them to study and create the graphic image, the structure, thereby making each edition a real “artist’s book.” For every monographic instalment, there is a combination of articles from the most varied topics and subjects and with contributions from specialists from different and alternative disciplines.

In this way, it places emphasis on another special characteristic of the arsprima spirit: the constant desire for the interdisciplinary. Since art has always lived and fed off many ingredients: inspired both by the outside world and the interiority of the individual. Thus the sources of inspiration may come from society, literature, theatre, cinema, music, from everyday life, from the past and the future, from reality but also from dreams.

The artists are subjects of the monographs and all of them part of the “breeding ground” of arsprima: artists characterised by a common desire to combine tradition and history with the contemporary without neglecting study and research. Above all, artists who inspire paradigms of beauty and harmony.